Custom Bathroom Design Ideas in Fall River for Small Spaces

Custom Bathroom Design Ideas in Fall River for Small Spaces

small-bathroom-designMany homeowners mistakenly believe that their dreams for a gorgeous, custom bathroom will never come true simply because they only have a small amount of space to work with for remodeling. The truth is, even without doing an add-on or complete structural renovation, there are things that you can include in your new bathroom design that will maximize the space that is available. Custom bathroom cabinets provide all the storage space that you need and beautiful bathroom vanities in Fall River can be used to enhance the available space. When you work with a professional team for the design and installation of your brand new Fall River bathroom cabinets, you will be surprised at the amazing results.

Challenges for Small Spaces
Some of the biggest challenges for bathroom design in small spaces are making sure that the sink and toilet are up to local code for clearance and safety. When a tub and shower or tub and shower combination are also involved in a full bathroom, the challenge can get even trickier. The best choice is usually to stick with what the builder originally did, with regard to arrangement. However, if the arrangement is not convenient and is part of the reason why you are looking to upgrade your custom bathroom cabinets and design, you will definitely want to consult with a professional.

Making good choices with regard to your new Fall River bathroom cabinets and vanities will go a long way toward helping you to get the storage you need and the extra space for moving around that you crave. Paul’s Quality Kitchens has over 25 years of experience working with custom bathroom design in the South Coast region, working with century-old homes, as well as new developments, to help homeowners find the design, style and configuration that works best for their needs. Make sure to express any issues that you are having with the current design and any changes that are important to your upgrade.

Sink Options for Small Spaces
One of the biggest areas that require the most help in the average bathroom design is the location, size and installation of the sink. Bathroom vanities in Fall River can be just about any shape, style and size, according to your unique needs, design preferences and the amount of space available. While a pedestal sink might seem like a good idea, it may be better to go with smaller custom bathroom cabinets instead to preserve the storage space. You need room to stow personal toiletries, extra toilet paper and towels. Don’t forget all of the items that you will want to have handy when actually using the space.

The placement of the sink can also make a difference. Whether your fixtures are all installed on a single wall in a row or are spaced between two or three walls, make sure to discuss the placement with your bathroom design consultant to find out if it will be worth it to make some changes in the arrangement to maximize the space. In homes where there are already other full bathrooms that have a lot of room and space, it may also be preferred to change a three-quarters or full bathroom into a half bathroom by removing a tub, shower or tub and shower combination to provide more space.

Curtains for Small Spaces
Another popular change that you can make that will increase the perception of space in your small bathroom is to remove shower doors and replace them with a shower curtain instead. Curtains save space compared to rigid and fixed doors, making a room feel larger that it might be with solid doors in the same place. Curved shower curtain rods provide more room inside the shower space than traditional straight rods. Ask your designer for other options and suggestions, such as replacing separate tubs and showers with tub and shower combinations to save space as well.

Vanity Ideas for Small Spaces
There are still other things you can do with bathroom vanities in Fall River that will give you more space. Consider a rounded vanity to prevent creating more sharp corners in tight spaces. Ask your bathroom design expert about rounded options that will give you all of the function and storage you desire, without creating a hazard in the middle of your bathroom near a door or shower area.

You can also consider using custom bathroom cabinets that are in a corner, strategically placed above and behind the toilet or racks that are behind the door. Just make sure that there’s enough clearance to open and shut all doors and that you won’t have issues actually using the fixtures once everything for your bathroom design is in place. Again, this is why it is important to work with a professional – it can really help you to avoid costly mistakes.

Quality Bathroom Design in Fall River
If you are shopping for custom bathroom cabinets and vanities in the South Coast area, consider hiring the team of professionals at Paul’s Quality Kitchens for your new bathroom design. We can work with existing bathrooms, new construction, large spaces, small spaces, big budgets, small budgets and everything in between. Give us a call at 508-324-9464 to get a FREE estimate on your custom bathroom cabinets, vanities and remodeling designs.

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