How to Create a Custom Kitchen Design for Your Fall River Home

How to Create a Custom Kitchen Design for Your Fall River Home

Hire Kitchen Designer for Custom Kitchens in Fall RiverThe best way to get the best results for your brand new Fall River kitchen design is to work with a professional consultant who specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodeling in the local area. Working with a consultant opens doors to new ideas, materials and options that you might not ever know about otherwise. You could spend weeks and weeks pouring over remodeling magazines and saving ideas to Pinterest, but just one meeting with a consultant to talk about custom kitchen designs for your Greater Fall River home can make a huge difference.

Some people think that the hardest part about remodeling a kitchen is selecting the quality South Coast kitchen cabinets and cupboards that will be used to create the foundation for the room. However, there are other things to consider, such as the layout, appliances, fixtures and other materials, including flooring, countertops and lighting. All of these are very important to the finished look and feel of your Fall River kitchen design. Before you contact a consultant to meet and discuss your ideas for the project, there are some things that you should do to help get prepared for that first meeting so you can get the ball rolling on the remodel.

Step One: Create a Budget
You need to know how much money you have to spend. Don’t think that you can just get a price and then “figure it out.” You need to know how much you have on hand in cash, in a bank account, in a savings account, through a home equity loan, or on a credit card, to purchase materials, pay for labor and get everything installed. There is a drastic difference between a $20,000 kitchen budget and a $75,000 kitchen budget. You need to know how much you have from all resources and make sure that the consultant knows your budget ahead of time. This will save you both time and trouble in being shown materials for kitchen and bathroom remodeling that you just can’t afford.

Step Two: Know What You Want
You should at least have an idea of what you want to get out of your custom kitchen designs. Even if you only know the basics or have a photo of a kitchen that you like, that can help move along the process for remodeling your kitchen. Customers who visit local showrooms without an idea of what they want will often end up disappointed in the end results. The basics of creating your brand new Fall River kitchen design should include at least some of the following areas of information:

  • color scheme for the kitchen
  • color and type of South Coast kitchen cabinets you prefer
  • if you want to change the existing layout
    whether you want to add an island to the layout
  • if you want that island to have seating for in-kitchen eating or entertaining
  • options regarding new kitchen appliances
  • a “wish list” of custom options, such as small appliance garages, built-in cutting boards, specialty cabinets and drawers, custom hardware

Step Three: When Do You Want to Start?
Speak with the kitchen designer about how long the process will take. Everyone wants a brand new kitchen by the holidays, but the reality is that if you want a new kitchen for the holidays, your best bet is to start in spring or summer to avoid the rush. Custom kitchen designs take time, but they provide the most satisfying results. Schedule the work around any commitments that you have already made, family birthdays, holidays, etc. to reduce the amount of inconvenience that it will cause within your home. While there will always be issues that come up with a home remodeling project, if you plan it well with a kitchen and bathroom remodeling expert, you can do your best to minimize the effects.

Call Paul’s Quality Kitchens
If you are interested in custom kitchen designs for your home in the Greater Fall River area, including Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, call Paul’s Quality Kitchens at 508-324-9464. For over 25 years we have worked hard to earn a solid reputation within the South Coast region for kitchen and bathroom remodeling. We can help you choose the best kitchen cabinets, cupboards and materials for your new Fall River kitchen design. Call today to make an appointment with one of our highly trained and experienced team members.

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