Choosing the Best Layout for Your New Bathroom in Fall River

Choosing the Best Layout for Your New Bathroom in Fall River

There are different types of remodeling projects. Some involve a simple switch out of appliances, fixtures or maybe even a bathroom vanity. Fall River homeowners who are looking to upgrade the look and feel of their guest bathroom or master bathroom can also choose to do a more drastic upgrade. If there is enough space, it is possible to change the layout of a bathroom through custom design. Professional design services can help you to configure the best possible arrangement to maximize space for storage and make sense of an otherwise frustrating original layout.

Our design team sees a lot of home designs that didn’t plan well for the actual daily use of a kitchen, bathroom or other important space within a home. While it might mean a little bit more work with the contractor, plumber, and electrician, sometimes simple changes to a bathroom’s layout can make a big difference. Any type of upgrade that makes a space more functional will definitely increase the value of your home, both for you while you are living there and in the future if you put your home on the market to sell.

Examples of Bathroom Layouts
The best way to choose a good bathroom design layout is to think about all of the elements that you want it to include and then figure out where those elements would fit best to maximize space. Whether your goal is to increase storage for toiletries, towels and other personal effects, or if you would like to create a spa experience at home, there are many different approaches to kitchen and bathroom modeling in Southeastern Massachusetts.

  • Vanity Upgrade – If you currently have a small vanity and wish you could have something larger, you can consult with your contractor to make an upgrade to something more suited to your needs. Single sink, double sink or extra storage, upgrading your bathroom vanity in Fall River is a simple, yet an important tool that can help make big improvements in the way that you use your bathroom. Cutting down a double sink vanity to a single sink, yet using the extra space to add a lower level make-up vanity, can also be a great use of existing space. Design services can help you choose the best materials to help you achieve your goals.
  • Increase Privacy – Homeowners that have large master bathrooms may wish to compartmentalize the various areas of the available space to create room for more than one person to use them at a time. A separate toilet area provides great privacy, allowing another person to continue using the sink or vanity area without being disturbed. Separate dressing areas that connect to walk-in closets are a great luxury if you have room to do it effectively. Privacy panels for showers or baths are also a great feature, especially if you have a large bathroom that has a window.
  • Spa Experience – One of the most popular features for homeowners is to create a separate soaking tub and spa area. Claw-footed tubs, whirlpool spas, and bump-out tubs can all be a great asset to a master bathroom. However, if baths aren’t your thing, you can take out a large soaking tub and replace it with a large multi-head shower experience. As long as you keep at least one tub in the house in another bathroom, real estate experts agree that design services can safely eliminate the master bath tub to put in a luxurious shower instead.

Things to Consider
When you work with our design services team at Paul’s Quality Kitchens, you gain access to over 25 years of experience working with kitchen and bathroom remodeling in the South Coast area. We can help you avoid common DIY mistakes that involve issues with plumbing and electrical connections for home remodeling projects and can help you select the best bathroom cabinets and bathroom vanity in Fall River. You can still change the layout of your bathroom to suit your needs while maintaining close proximity to existing connections to reduce increased costs. Take advantage of our experience to help you get the look and function that you want at a price that you can afford.

Come visit Paul’s Quality Kitchens on Pelham Street in Fall River to see our beautiful showroom for yourself. Our design services team will help you with all of your kitchen and bathroom remodeling needs. Give us a call at 508-324-9464 to schedule an in-home estimate or to learn more about the professional services that we provide.

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