Hiring a Pro for Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling in Fall River

Hiring a Pro for Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling in Fall River

Thinking about updating your bathroom or kitchen design in Fall River and the surrounding area? Consider hiring a professional to create custom solutions that will help you get the look of your dreams while maximizing the existing space of your home. What’s the difference between hiring a professional to provide you with custom kitchen designs or bathroom designs? Sure, you could just go to the local home improvement center and hire a general contractor to install a vanity, put in new lighting fixtures or install new flooring, but when you visit our Fall River showroom and work with a professional designer for kitchen and bathroom remodeling, the results that you will get are above and beyond anything you could get from one of those big box stores.

Experience Counts
Working with a professional designer can mean having access to many different skills, options, and materials, that you might not otherwise even know about with a basic kitchen and bathroom remodeling project through a local contractor. While general contractors and big box home improvement stores carry a lot of brand-name goods and offer services to help DIY-challenged homeowners, you just can’t beat the results that come from a Fall River designer kitchen or bathroom.

A team of experienced contractors who focus solely on custom kitchen designs and bathroom remodeling are able to improve the overall experience for homeowners beyond anything they could get from services that are more diverse. Not only that, but they also have built relationships with suppliers, sub-contractors and specialty providers in the local region, helping homeowners to get custom options that wouldn’t be available at a big box store or through a small-time contractor.

Customer Service
Another clear benefit from visiting our local Fall River showroom to create your own unique bathroom or kitchen design, is customer service. We treat each customer as an individual, providing solutions for your unique tastes, style, budget, and timeline. It all starts with a visit to your home where we will take measurements and discuss any ideas that you have for the layout and design for your kitchen and bathroom remodeling project.

Our team of professional craftsmen has worked with residential and commercial clients throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island for over 25 years. This helps us to meet the needs of our clients, assisting in selections to match the design, color, style, and brand name that they desire the most. As a result, we are able to create custom kitchen designs and bathroom solutions that will look great and provide the function that you require for many years to come.

Longevity & Integrity
Paul’s Quality Kitchens is a well-known, reputable, and established name in the South Coast region. We have built upon our decades of experience working with both the lumber and kitchen design industries, striving to develop solid relationships with customers and clients in the local area. We are known as the “little store with big savings” and our custom design services help to carry on Paul’s original mission to provide each and every customer with a truly personalized experience.

We understand how important it is to take the time to address the individual needs and requirements of each customer in order to provide top quality Fall River designer kitchens and custom bathrooms. Professional service, quality craftsmanship, and trusted project management is just as important to our team as it is to you. Our team of designers and craftsmen also provides custom design and installation work for kitchens and bathrooms in new home construction, apartments, and condos throughout the South Coast region.

Improvements, Upgrades, and Renovations
Whether you want to make better use of existing space, upgrade your bathroom vanity or completely renovate your outdated kitchen, we can help you achieve your goals. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling doesn’t have to be a stressful situation. When you work with the custom kitchen designs and bathroom remodeling team at our Fall River showroom, we can create an individualized plan to help you get the results you want and get the job done according to your schedule and pace.

Give us a call at 508-324-9464 and speak with one of our experienced designers about your ideas for a custom Fall River designer kitchen or bathroom. You can also stop by our Fall River showroom to take a look at our portfolio and discuss your plans for custom kitchen designs and bathroom solutions for your Southeastern Massachusetts or Rhode Island home. Trust in our over 25 years of experience at Paul’s Quality Kitchens in Fall River, Massachusetts.

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