Hire a Professional Designer for Fall River Kitchen Layouts

Hire a Professional Designer for Fall River Kitchen Layouts

Have you been thinking about making major design changes to your kitchen? Not just an upgrade of cabinets and cupboards, but a structural modernization that can only be accomplished with the help of a professional designer? Anytime you want to change the layout for kitchen and bathroom design, it pays to work with a pro. Not only will you get the best results, but you will overcome a lot of the obstacles that often come with making such a drastic change. Just think about all of the plumbing and electrical work that will need to be done in addition to properly measuring and planning for your brand new Fall River designer kitchen – this is not something that you can successfully do as a do-it-yourself project.

Why Change the Layout?
There are lots of reasons why a homeowner might want to change the layout during a kitchen remodel in Fall River. Pulling out all of the old cabinets and cupboards is a great opportunity to retool your current layout, making better use of the space that you have, increasing storage, expanding the workspace, and just having a more ergonomic design. Some kitchens just weren’t designed with the idea of daily food prep and cooking in mind. And, if you like to entertain, a layout change can make it more comfortable for you and your guests to socialize while the cooking is being done.

Depending on the age of your home, there might have also been significant changes in the size and shape of appliances and other kitchen necessities. A brand new design for your Fall River kitchen cupboards can make a big difference in the type of appliances you will be able to install and use. If you always wanted to have eating space in your kitchen, either a bar area or a breakfast nook, you can work with your designer to see about arranging your new Fall River kitchen cabinets to make room for the things that you want.

It is quite common for homeowners to at least think about the idea of changing the layout for their new Fall River designer kitchen. It could make a world of difference in how you use the space. Make sure to ask your designer at Paul’s Quality Kitchens about your options for making changes to the current layout.

Top Layout Ideas for Modern Kitchens
If you want to upgrade the look, function, and feel of your outdated kitchen, consider these top layout ideas. Most people think that choosing which Fall River kitchen cupboards and cabinets to use is the most complicated part of kitchen and bathroom design, but the truth is that picking a layout can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Working with a professional designer for your custom kitchen remodel in Fall River will make a big difference in the results that you get, regardless of whether you switch up the layout or stay true to the original design.

  • ZONES – Create various zones throughout the kitchen to make more space for the things that you do most each day. Stations for cooking, places for eating, and even a bit of room for cleaning up. This will give you more room, not just for yourself, but for family members who want to make a snack while you are preparing dinner, or for guests who want to help out with some dishes while you finish serving the dessert.
  • TRIANGLE – One of the most popular layout designs for a truly functional Fall River designer kitchen is the work triangle. The triangle includes the refrigerator, cooktop, and the sink. They can be in any order, but they should always be convenient, and they should make sense strategically for the way that you work. Make sure that the refrigerator opens up in the right way to avoid awkward ingredient gathering.
  • GALLEY – Another popular layout is the galley or corridor kitchen, which consists of a narrow hallway design that has the sink and dishwasher on one side, and the range and refrigerator on the other. Storage is provided on both sides both above and below the countertop to maximize space.
  • U-SHAPE – For those who want to maximize counter and storage space, the U-shape is an excellent choice. An island can be added in the middle, when there’s room, to increase workspace and storage.
  • L-SHAPE – Many American kitchens use the L-shape, as it allows for more interaction with guests. Ideal for entertaining or family gatherings, an island can also be added to this design to increase workspace and storage. The L-shape typically has a wall of cabinets that features the sink in the middle, with a shorter wall that features the cooktop.

Share Your Ideas
When you meet with the designer from Paul’s Quality Kitchens, make sure to share your ideas for your new kitchen remodel in Fall River. Your designer will help you choose materials and layouts according to your lifestyle, family, and style interests, all while keeping your budget in mind. The more time you can take to look around at the various styles and options before you begin to discuss plans for your Fall River designer kitchen, the better the results will be. If you are interested in visiting our showroom to view our selection of Fall River kitchen cabinets and other materials for kitchen and bathroom design, give us a call at 508-324-9464 or just stop by our location on Pelham Street in Fall River, MA.

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