Custom Kitchen Designs: Quality Kitchen Remodel in Fall River

Custom Kitchen Designs: Quality Kitchen Remodel in Fall River

Custom Kitchen Designs in Fall River, MAWhile there are many benefits to working with a designer to create custom kitchen designs for your Fall River kitchen, the cabinets are the real star. It is important to know what you want – and what you can afford – when it comes time to choose your Fall River kitchen cabinets. There are multiple levels or grades of materials that can be selected for your new Fall River kitchen design. Select the best cabinets, cupboards, and specialty accessories to create the kitchen of your dreams. Going it alone can be scary, but when you work with a team of experts at Paul’s Quality Kitchens, your kitchen remodel in Fall River will be everything you hoped it would be – and more!

Stock, Semi-Custom, and Custom Cabinets

The first thing you need to learn is about the different types of cabinets available for your custom kitchen designs. The industry labels these grades based upon the quality of the materials used to build them and also the method used in construction. For example, custom cabinets are exactly what they seem to be, custom cabinets made especially for your kitchen. They can cost a lot more than stock or semi-custom cabinets, but they will be designed, built, and installed specifically for your needs. In fact, some custom cabinets are built on-site in your home by an experienced craftsman.

Semi-custom cabinets are by far the most popular cabinets for a kitchen remodel in Fall River. While they have the quality and beauty of custom cabinetry, they are more affordable. Semi-custom is a term used to describe the ability of these beautiful cabinets to be adapted to your unique needs. Additional sizes are available in both height and width, and there are also specialty cabinets and other extras available that will help to customize the look and feel of semi-custom cabinets to suit your needs.

Stock cabinets are the cabinets that you usually see at your local home improvement center. You can also purchase them online from major retailers, and they are often shipped ready-to-assemble (RTA) to help save the consumer even more on material costs. The quality of stock cabinets is much lower than semi-custom or custom cabinetry, which means that they won’t last as long or be as durable as the better quality materials. Stock cabinets are cheaper, but they will likely need to be replaced sooner than other types of cabinetry and won’t be available in a lot of different colors and styles.

Custom Design vs. Custom Cabinets

It is still possible to have custom kitchen designs created for you by our design team and even save on materials by using semi-custom cabinetry. Paul’s Quality Kitchens has a showcase of the work we have done posted on our website. Take a look at all of the solutions we have provided for local kitchen remodels in Fall River, as well as installations of beautiful cabinets for brand new construction in the surrounding area. We can help you create a custom Fall River kitchen design using the cabinet colors, styles, types, and features that you desire. Our team can work with semi-custom and custom options to create long-lasting, top quality results.

A custom design is preferred because it is built to suit your lifestyle, cooking habits, storage needs, and the shape of your kitchen. We can install this design in your existing floorplan or help you maximize the space by expanding or rearranging the layout to better suit your needs. Through our use of custom and semi-custom elements, we can ensure a proper fit and provide you with the type of materials you desire for your remodeling project. Our design team will work with you to select the best style of Fall River kitchen cabinets and the most effective layout to improve the use of the space. We design each kitchen with the client in mind, taking into account your unique preferences, timeline needs, and budget requirements.

Call Paul’s Quality Kitchens

We begin every new kitchen design by visiting your home to take measurements and to discuss your ideas for layout and custom kitchen designs. Our many years of experience working with kitchen design in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island can be used to your advantage. We will help you to select the best brand name, style, design, and color for your new kitchen remodel in Fall River or the surrounding area. Just give us a call at 508-324-9464 or stop by our showroom to take a look at our brand name kitchens and designs. We have worked hard to earn a solid reputation and have focused on our ability to provide our customers with top quality design work, installation, and customer service. Call today and start making plans for your kitchen remodel or new construction installation right away!

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