Dark or Light Cabinetry for Kitchen Design in Fall River, MA

Dark or Light Cabinetry for Kitchen Design in Fall River, MA

Fall River Designer KitchensSo you already know the style you want for your new Fall River designer kitchen, but you aren’t sure about the color. It can be helpful to at least decide whether you want to go dark or light for your new cabinets and cupboards. Once you make this choice, you can move on to picking the exact shade and hue. There are definite benefits to each selection, depending on your situation. Some kitchens benefit from darker tones, while others may look better with Fall River kitchen cabinets that are lighter in color. In most cases, it all boils down to your personal preferences. It pays to work with professional design services through Paul’s Quality Kitchens. Our team can help you find the best materials, options, and solutions for your brand new kitchen design in Fall River or anywhere in the surrounding area.

Beware of “Trendy” Trends

It is important to understand that trends come and go, sometimes within just a year or two. The financial commitment required to design a custom kitchen should be prohibitive enough to stay away from trendy options and focus more on getting the best return on your investment. Colorful elements can be added in many different ways through decor, linens, window treatments, and paint. Your Fall River kitchen cabinets should be timeless, transcending advances in technology and style to create a beautiful-looking space that will be a pleasure to use on a daily basis.

One thing to consider is that light cabinets can provide a clean and airy feel to any space, which is why they are often used in smaller areas. Fall River bathroom cabinets are often lighter in color to create the illusion of a larger room. The same holds true for a Fall River designer kitchen. If you are short on space for your new kitchen, you might want to consider lighter cabinets. However, if you have a lot of room, darker tones can help to create a more dramatic look, enabling your new kitchen design in Fall River to be more exciting. Lighting can also be a factor. A kitchen with no access to natural light might be too dark with dark cabinets, regardless of the size of the space.

Create a Textured Contrast

Both light and dark cabinets can really “pop” when combined with a textured material that provides contrast. For example, a light-colored Fall River designer kitchen will look great paired with a wall that features exposed brick or a stone facade. Choose colors that will bring out the natural tones or glazes used on the wood. This is also true with a darker selection for Fall River kitchen cabinets, as well as for Fall River bathroom cabinets. Choose a textured wall covering that will help to highlight the hues and highlights of the cabinetry for a stunning effect. There are other ways to add contrast as well, including a single painted wall of color. Linens, flooring, floor coverings, window treatments, and items that you choose to display can all work together for kitchen design in Fall River to showcase your new cabinets.

Choose Styles Wisely

Professional design services can help you to create a cohesive style that will match with the architecture and design of your home. For example, while a modern kitchen might be something you have dreamed of building, a home that is more traditional or classic in its design might not be well-suited for so many upgrades. If you are remodeling a kitchen to sell a home, consider using a more subtle design that would be appealing to a wider demographic of prospective buyers. It is possible to mix tones and design styles to create a unique look, but this approach is best under the guidance of an experienced professional.

Paul’s Quality Kitchens has proudly served the Greater Fall River, New Bedford, and Westport area for over 25 years. Our design team can help you to make smart choices that will provide you with the look and function you desire, along with a healthy return on your investment. Give us a call at 508-324-9464 and speak with one of our designers. We can answer any questions that you might have about our professional design services and arrange an in-home appointment to discuss your ideas, take measurements, and provide a free estimate for your brand new kitchen design in Fall River and the surrounding area.

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