Get What You Want in Fall River Home Kitchen and Bath Design

Get What You Want in Fall River Home Kitchen and Bath Design

fall river kitchen and bathroom designOne of the most exciting projects as a homeowner is to remodel a kitchen or a bathroom. While it can be stressful and a considerable investment, remodeling kitchens and bathrooms in Fall River can pay off when you work with professional design services. Paul’s Quality Kitchens has served the Southcoast region for over 25 years, working with homeowners to create Fall river kitchen and bathroom design. We sit down with each client to determine their wishes, needs, and budget so we can help them achieve their goals. Visit our Fall River showroom to see some of our top quality materials and view our portfolio, or contact our team to schedule an in-home consultation.

What Do You Want?

The best way to get what you want is to figure out what you want. A lot of homeowners come to us without any idea of the colors, materials, or styles that they want for their remodeling project. Watching home renovation programs, reading decorator magazines, and creating a Pinterest page of ideas for kitchens and bathrooms in Fall River can help. Be careful not to overwhelm yourself, but to use these tools as a means of becoming familiar with current trends, cost-saving options, and modern solutions. Depending on the age of your existing Fall River kitchen and bathroom design, there may be a lot of work required to update everything from flooring and fixtures to cabinets and appliances.

Popular design themes include the farmhouse style, which was popularized by Joanna Gaines on the mega-hit program “Fixer Upper.” Other similar themes are also in vogue, including shabby chic, country-style, vintage, and eclectic. Be careful not to go too “over the top” in your design elements, creating a simple base with cabinets, flooring, backsplash, appliances, and fixtures can be enhanced with less expensive decorative pieces, wall paint, and accessories. This approach will help you to switch out the color scheme without having to completely re-do your kitchen or bathroom again so soon in the future, yet keep you on trend and modern in your home decor.

Do You Have a Budget?

Our professional design services team will do everything in our power to make sure you get the Fall River kitchen and bathroom design that you want while maintaining your financial goals. When we first meet to discuss your ideas and look at the space that you wish to remodel in person, we will talk about the reality of your budget and what you can expect to get within those means. A realistic budget is crucial to any home remodeling project. While there are some designers that will promise the moon, yet continue to come back to you again and again for more money mid-way through the project, our goal is to be as upfront as possible to avoid any surprise cost spikes for our clients.

Whatever your budget is for everything from bathroom vanities and shower tiles to kitchen flooring and cabinetry, make sure to add on about 10-15 percent for unexpected costs. Depending on the age of your home and the time between the last renovation project, there may be unforeseen issues behind the existing features. Leaky pipes, worn wiring, outdated outlets, and other common problems will need to be brought up to code. If you have an older home, at least 25 years of age or more, understand that the chances are more likely that you will need to do some upgrades. Our team will explain all of this to you during the initial consultation and speak with you throughout the demo process if anything is discovered.

Will You Want Extras?

Of course you will. It is very rare for a homeowner to begin the process of remodeling kitchens and bathrooms in Fall River and not see something part-way through that they want to change. Depending on what it would take to make the alterations, including costs for materials or specialized subcontractor services, the cost for your project could change. Paul’s Quality Kitchens will work with each client to ensure that they know what they are getting, what it will cost, and that they are satisfied with the changes before any work is done. Just stop by our Fall River showroom or give us a call to speak with our professional design services team about any changes, questions, concerns, or ideas that you have at any stage during your remodeling project.

Ready to get started? Just give our team a call at 508-324-9464 to speak with a designer about your kitchens and bathrooms in Fall River. We can answer any questions that you might have about the brands and materials we use for Fall River kitchen and bathroom design, as well as the experience, techniques, and training that we have obtained throughout our many years of serving the Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island area. Call today for a FREE in-home consultation to start building the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams!

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