Increase Property Value With Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Increase Property Value With Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

fall river kitchen and bathroom remodelingSome people choose to embark upon a journey into kitchen and bathroom remodeling because they want a new style or design for their home. Others do it because it’s time to make upgrades of outdated appliances, materials, and decor. However, one of the best reasons to remodel your home is to increase its value. Whether you have plans on selling your home by the end of the year or somewhere in the next decade, investing in Fall River bathroom vanities or custom kitchen designs could help you to significantly increase the return on your investment.

Investing in Your Fall River Home Wisely

While there are some projects that homeowners need to invest in because they have to get done, such as replacing a leaky roof or inefficient HVAC system, real estate agents will tell you that the kitchen and bathroom are where you’ll get the best results. The first thing most prospective buyers look at when shopping for a new home is the kitchen. Does it have enough storage space, is there a pantry, what type of material was used for the countertops and floorings, what is the condition of the cabinetry, and how much lighting is available for food prep and cooking? The second thing they look at is the bathroom, beginning with the master, the main guest bathroom, and, if applicable, the kids’ bathroom.

As you look at your home, you might see other areas that need attention. New carpeting or tile flooring throughout the living areas, fresh paint in the bedrooms, or even a new fence in the backyard might top your list. While all of those things are nice-to-have upgrades that will make living there more comfortable for you and your family, they will not pay off as significantly as kitchen and bathroom remodeling. A new Fall River designer kitchen might seem like a huge investment, but the truth is that when done properly, your value could increase dollar-for-dollar. What that means is that if you spend $10,000 or $20,000 to remodel your kitchen, your property value could go up that same amount – or more.

Working With a Professional

The key to maximizing the return on your investment is to work with a professional designer and contractor who can do the job right. Going with the “cheap labor” angle rarely ever pays off; in fact, many homeowners often spend months or years chasing down shoddy contractors to complete the work or pay someone else to fix what they did wrong. Choose a reputable company that has many years of experience working with kitchen and bathroom remodeling in the local area. Ask for references and actually check on them to find out what past customers and, if you’re lucky, current customers, think about the services that they received.

Portfolios are great – both online and in-store. Look at photos of work that was done previously that match your vision for new Fall River bathroom vanities and layouts or custom kitchen designs. Take the time to sit down with a professional designer to discuss your goals, budgetary requirements, and scheduling preferences. Prepare for there to be a length of time when you won’t be able to use the room during the remodel. Ask questions during the initial inspection and consultation, making sure to get everything in writing in a contract before you pay any type of deposit. A professional organization will lay everything out for you and provide you with a timeline for completion.

Plan Home Remodeling in Advance

Consider how much you have available for kitchen and bathroom remodeling before you contact a designer to discuss your ideas. This will help you to know what you can afford so you won’t get out of control with your spending. Discuss alternative options for materials so you can get the look, feel, function, and durability that you want without having to take out a loan or go over your desired budget. Be reasonable in your expectations and ask for timeline estimates so you’ll know when to expect the work will be done. Plan around holidays, special occasions, and other events, so you’ll have your new Fall River bathroom vanities or Fall River designer kitchen in time for entertaining guests.

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