Invest in Your Home: Upgrade to a Fall River Designer Kitchen

Invest in Your Home: Upgrade to a Fall River Designer Kitchen

If you are thinking about selling your Southcoast home, you might wonder if you need to plan a whole bunch of renovations in order to get the best price. Real estate agents will tell you about certain upgrades, such as making improvements to front landscaping to boost curb appeal. Others might recommend that you store excess furniture and personal belongings to create a “clean slate” for prospective buyers who tour your home while you still live there. However, there are two specific projects that can yield the best return on investment when it comes to upgrading the materials and fixtures in your home: kitchen and bathroom remodeling. While you might not need to go with a completely brand new kitchen design, choosing to upgrade kitchen cabinets in Fall River has its benefits. A Fall River designer kitchen and modernized bathroom in your 20-year-old home will help it to sell faster and fetch a better price from local buyers.

Why Kitchens Are So Important to Buyers

Studies show that the first thing people look at when shopping for a home is the kitchen. When you consider that a kitchen is the heart of a home, the place where people come together to share a meal, prepare food, and entertain guests, it makes a lot of sense. Kitchens can quickly fall out of style, especially if they were designed with low-budget, contractor-grade materials. The first thing many homeowners do is upgrade the kitchen and bathroom to get everything up-to-date. Prospective buyers appreciate when the current homeowners have already invested the time and money necessary to create a brand new kitchen design that features modern styles, colors, and layouts. This is why a home with a Fall River designer kitchen and well-decorated master bathroom will sell much faster than a cookie-cutter style home with pressboard cabinets.

One study conducted by Harvard University in 2018 revealed that homeowners nationwide would increase their budgets for installing a brand new kitchen design by nearly eight percent. That means more upgrades and better quality materials for everything from kitchen cabinets in Fall River to appliances, flooring, and fixtures. When you decide where to spend your renovation money to boost the value for your home, make sure to focus on the kitchen and master bathroom. One reason for this is that the quality of the kitchen and bathroom will set the tone for the rest of the property. For example, if the kitchen is outdated and in disrepair, the buyer will wonder what else needs to be fixed that can be easily seen during a tour or photo gallery. Unless there are safety issues or systems upgrades that must be done to sell the home, your remodeling investment is probably best spent doing aesthetic renovations that will appeal to today’s buyers.

A Solid Return on Investment

Another reason why kitchen and bathroom remodeling is so popular among homeowners who are thinking about putting their houses on the market is the solid return on investment. Real estate agents reveal that certain projects provide a much better increase in value than others. One example is a significant kitchen remodel for a mid-priced home, which can fetch between 80-100 percent of the value for every dollar spent. Other projects, such as upgrading insulation or upgrading a bathroom, can bring in similar returns. Depending on where the home is located and the age of the property itself, these upgrades can be well over 100 percent in increases for home values.

Part of the reason why a brand new kitchen design is so appealing and can increase value so significantly is that it provides a sense of security with buyers. Knowing that they won’t have to endure the cost and frustration of kitchen and bathroom remodeling plays a big part. Instead of having to wait to move-in or arrange their schedules around contractors, they can start enjoying the home right away without delay. Studies show that prospective buyers choose a home that has new kitchen cabinets in Fall River or upgraded bathroom fixtures in New Bedford because they have a greater desire to live in a home that meets their expectations or goals for appearance, function, and style. When you work with a professional to plan your Fall River designer kitchen and select materials based on what home shoppers want in your area, you can increase value in other ways.

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