2021 Color Trends for Custom Kitchen Designs in Fall River

2021 Color Trends for Custom Kitchen Designs in Fall River

fall river kitchen remodeling color trends 2021When making plans to remodel your home, it pays to take notice of the current color, decorative, and style trends. Many different standards influence the colors used in custom kitchen designs. While it pays to make sustainable choices for high-value items, such as appliances and cabinetry, other areas of your home can embrace trending colors to create fresh and stylish results. For more than 20 years, the Pantone Color Institute has released a “Color of the Year” based on trends seen in fashion, home furnishings, consumer products, and industrial design. For the first time in 2021, Pantone released two colors designed to come together or work independently to express the tone and promise of the new year. Ultimate Gray (17-5104) and Illuminating (13-00647) yellow were chosen to reflect a global need for hope, clarity, energy, and stability.

In addition to the “Color of the Year” announcement, Pantone also released a color palette for spring and summer, based on trends seen primarily in the New York fashion industry. A variety of hues, including Marigold, Cerulean, Rust, French Blue, Burnt Coral, Green Ash, Mint, Amethyst Orchid, and Raspberry Sorbet, are already making their way into designer recommendations for decorative pieces, backsplashes, paint selections, textured items, linens, and other elements of home d├ęcor. Homeowners interested in creating a custom Fall River designer kitchen can work with our team of highly trained and experienced designers to choose South Coast kitchen cabinets and other essential elements to complete the look and feel that they desire. We have a wide range of options and price points available in Fall River kitchen cabinets and cupboards at Paul’s Quality Kitchens to choose from, as well as specialty cabinets and custom opportunities, depending on your needs.

Colorful and Minimalist Kitchen Designs

In addition to colorful palettes, many homeowners still seek neutral designs to provide long-lasting, sustainable renovations that will yield the best return on investment. It is simply not feasible for most homeowners to redecorate or remodel their kitchens every five to ten years to keep up with the ever-changing home design trends. Those seeking a Fall River designer kitchen often prefer to select cabinets that are neutral in color and style so they can accessorize or make small adjustments to less costly elements throughout the lifetime of their appliances, cabinetry, and layout design. All-white kitchens, natural wood cabinetry, and other classic styles will always remain appealing to homeowners and prospective home buyers, should you ever decide to sell. This is the best approach to creating a trendy design while avoiding a costly mistake by choosing cabinetry that will go out of style too quickly.

Whether you want a warm, fresh, dark, neutral, or clean palette, our team can help you make smart choices based on your needs. South Coast kitchen cabinets should be chosen based on the home’s overall architectural design, decorative style of the homeowner, industry and local design trends, real estate value of the neighborhood, and the size of the kitchen itself. Custom kitchen designs can be used to increase storage, improve function, and reinvent small kitchens to create a more useful and attractive space. Large kitchens can be tamed through the inventive use of Fall River kitchen cabinets, specialty cabinets, and other design elements to create a more cohesive layout that works with your lifestyle and household needs. We can provide portfolio examples, texture swatches, color palettes, and samples of work that we have done in the Greater Fall River area to help you make the best possible decision regarding your home remodel or renovation.

Contact Paul’s Quality Kitchens

To get started on your journey to a brand new kitchen that you will enjoy using and showing off to family and friends, contact our team directly. We will come to your home to take measurements, see your existing layout, and discuss your ideas for updating and upgrading your South Coast kitchen. Our many years of experience working with clients throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island will work in your favor. Give us a call at 508-324-9464 or stop by our Fall River showroom to see our custom kitchen designs in person. We are proud to have earned a solid reputation based on our ability to provide our customers with top quality design work, installation, and customer service.

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