Fall River Kitchen Design for Maximizing Small Kitchen Spaces

Fall River Kitchen Design for Maximizing Small Kitchen Spaces

While you might think that you only need to work with a professional kitchen designer when working with a large and expansive kitchen space, the truth is that sometimes these services are more essential for small kitchens. Making sure that you get the right South Coast kitchen cabinets and that the layout takes advantage of the available space instead of wasting opportunities is something that a professional can help you plan. Some of the most beautiful and traditional homes in the New England area have surprisingly small kitchens, so it pays to work with someone who has experience working in the local area. At Paul’s Quality Kitchens, our family-owned business has proudly served the Greater Fall River area for many years, working with new construction and existing homes. Take advantage of our Fall River kitchen design experience to create the small or large kitchen of your dreams.

Kitchen Design in Fall River

The cost to upgrade or remodel a kitchen can be remarkably similar, regardless of the size of the space. When you consider that all kitchens have the same appliances, need for lighting, cabinetry, flooring, and other essential elements, it is easy to see why it wouldn’t be that much different to remodel a small space as it would be to renovate a larger room. To avoid overspending or purchasing materials that you won’t need, it pays to work with a professional kitchen designer. We start by coming to your home to meet with you and discuss your plans for the space. If you have any ideas about colors, styles, or designs that you want to incorporate into the new South Coast kitchen cabinets, countertops, or flooring, we can help you achieve your goals.

There are many advantages to remodeling a small kitchen. These projects can be completed faster than larger, more expansive kitchen spaces because there will be less materials to install. Small kitchens traditionally have a more efficient design with better ergonomics for preparing food and serving meals. However, if your kitchen has layout issues, our team can help you with that as well when we come to discuss your kitchen design in Fall River and the surrounding area. Overall, a small Fall River kitchen design can be implemented more quickly when planned properly and cost less than the same design and materials used for a larger kitchen. You might even be able to afford more high-end materials, particularly cabinets and flooring, simply because you will need less of it to complete the job.

What Type of Design?

Kitchens can come in various shapes and sizes – long galley or corridor layouts, single-wall layouts, or squared-off designs are common in New England architecture. A professional kitchen designer will help you maximize the functionality of the available space while providing insight into how you can add touches of custom design and style. The majority of small kitchens will feature the galley-style layout, which commonly clusters all of the appliances and the sink in a small area. Since counter space is limited, it is essential to maximize cabinet space for storage. A well-designed galley kitchen can function beautifully if everything is laid out in a way that makes sense. We can help you determine what layout works best for you and the type of cooking that you want to do.

The single-wall kitchen style is often even smaller than the galley-style layout. Instead of having space for South Coast kitchen cabinets and appliances on both sides of the corridor layout, everything is bunched into one wall. This is sometimes done to provide space for an eat-in kitchen or as part of an open floorplan where the kitchen opens up into another area of the home, such as a living room or dining space. To maximize space with this design, it is essential to decide what is nice to have and what is a must-have when it comes to appliances and other kitchen element>s. Many homeowners choose to give up a dishwasher to make room for additional cabinet space and use cabinet storage systems to allow for more room to store pots and pans or small kitchen appliances more effectively. Our team can work with you to help you get all you need out of your existing small kitchen space or make plans to expand the area to create a larger kitchen of your dreams.

Contact Paul’s Quality Kitchens to start working with a professional kitchen designer. We proudly serve the Greater Fall River area, providing quality kitchen and bathroom remodeling services to homeowners throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. If you would like to speak with one of our designers or customer service agents about your ideas for kitchen design in Fall River, give us a call at 508-324-9464 or contact us through our website.

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