How to Choose the Best Cabinets for Your New South Coast Home

How to Choose the Best Cabinets for Your New South Coast Home

new-home-constructionOnce of the best parts about building a brand new home is that you get to make choices about things that other people only wish they had such control over when they buy a house. New home construction means being able to choose everything from custom kitchen designs and layouts to the type of Massachusetts kitchen cabinets that will be installed. Once you start looking at materials for your new Fall River kitchens and bathrooms, you will quickly realize that there really are a lot of options available to you, especially if you go through reputable company that focuses on providing top quality, custom cabinetry and kitchen designs.

While it may seem overwhelming at first, it is important to understand that there are four basic types of cabinet types available for you to choose from for your new home construction. Once you understand this, it can be a lot easier to make a choice. The four types of Massachusetts kitchen cabinets that you can select for your brand new South Coast home include the base, the wall, the tall and the specialty. Take some time to get acquainted with these different types of cabinets and you will be ready to take it to the next level.

  • BASE – The base cabinet is the standard floor cabinet that is topped by a countertop and contains things such as the sink, dishwasher, built in stove and anything else that is on the floor. Most standard sizes of base cabinets for new home construction are 24 inches deep and 36 inches high. Custom kitchen designs can include larger depths and bigger heights, but most people opt to go with the standard sizes because it is what we have all grown accustomed to seeing and using in our homes.
  • WALL – The wall cabinet or cupboard is the type that hangs on the wall above the base cupboard, typically used for dishes, glasses, bowls and other things that we use frequently because of the ease of use associated with this type of Massachusetts kitchen cabinets. The standard industry sizes for these cabinets, which can be used in Fall River kitchens and bathrooms as well, is 12 inches deep. However, the depth can be increased depending on the custom kitchen designs and the depth of the base cabinet below it.
  • TALL – This type of cabinet is exactly what you might think, a tall cabinet that is floor to ceiling height or that matches up with the hanging height of the wall cabinets used in the new home construction. Most tall cabinets are approximately 83.5 inches high. They are typically used for pantry space, broom closets or storage of other large and otherwise hard to store kitchen objects. Small appliances, large platters, cookie sheets and more are commonly found in these types of cabinets in custom kitchen designs.
  • SPECIALTY – As the name implies, these specialty cabinets are special. They are designed to help boost organization and allow homeowners to maximize their storage potential. Some cabinets used in Fall River kitchens and bathrooms that qualify as specialty include suspended cabinet units, shelving, hutches, storage racks, surrounds for appliances, unique fronts for sinks or cooktops, corner cabinets and more.

What Affects Price?
One of the biggest questions posed by homeowners who are looking into purchasing Massachusetts kitchen cabinets for new home construction is what choices will affect the price of the custom kitchen designs the most. Is it specialty cabinets? Is it a specific type of wood? Is it a certain design or style? Is it the way that the cabinets are installed? The answer is more complex than a simple yes or no, as all of these factors can affect pricing. When you design Fall River kitchens and bathrooms, you need to take into consideration the quality grades of the cabinetry that you are choosing, which can range between $50 and $500 per linear foot, depending on the quality.

There are stock cabinets, Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) cabinets, semi-custom cabinets and a higher end custom cabinet to choose from for your new home. Work directly with a consultant from a licensed, experienced and knowledgeable custom kitchen designs business, to make selections on kitchen cabinet styles, hardware, specialty options, custom heights and depths, unique design ideas, components, pantry food storage ideas and accessories. You will also want to discuss the different colors and finishes available for your new Massachusetts kitchen cabinets, and how your selection options will affect the final pricing. Create a budget early on and communicate your budget with the designer.

Call Paul’s Quality Kitchens for a Quote
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