Kitchen Design in Fall River: Choosing the Best Kitchen Island

Kitchen Design in Fall River: Choosing the Best Kitchen Island

custom-kitchen-islandWhen it comes time to sit down with a designer to create your dream kitchen, you need to take into consideration the type of South Coast kitchen cabinets that will live up to both your aesthetic desires and functional needs. Including a brand new kitchen island in your remodeling project can provide you with increased counter and storage space, making it a great choice for your brand new kitchen design in Fall River. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling is a lot easier when you work with a team that takes pride in providing professional craftsmanship to each and every client. It pays to select a designer and installer like the team at Paul’s Quality Kitchens.

Step One: What Do You Want?
Think about how you will use your kitchen island when you begin to design your brand new custom kitchen. Will you use it to prepare food or to eat a meal? Will you use it to store pots and pans that you don’t currently have room to store or will you use it to place your small kitchen appliances? However you have plans on using this or any other element in your kitchen design in Fall River, make sure that the island includes all of the elements you desire the most. When you work with Paul’s Quality Kitchens, you can take advantage of the custom options and professional craftsmanship to select the kitchen island that’s right for you.

Step Two: Storage or Space?
The next question you need to ask yourself when considering a kitchen and bathroom remodeling project, is whether or not you want your island to be more about creating extra room for storage or extra room for leg space. Storage could be for pots and pans, odd shaped casseroles and serving platters – you know, those things you juggle in your kitchen every day. Custom designed, hand-selected South Coast kitchen cabinets and accessories can help you to put everything away neatly without having to stow things in your oven or put them in another room. Space could be for leg room if you are using the new kitchen island for eating or a place to put something else in the arrangement of your kitchen design.

Step Three: Where and How Big?
The next step is to have someone from Paul’s Quality Kitchens come to your home to measure and help you decide where you want the new kitchen island to be installed. The rule of thumb in the industry for kitchen design in Fall River, is to allow for at least three feet of floor space around the ends of the island and at least four feet of floor space around each side. That being said, some kitchens may not be able to accommodate an island effectively in their current layout. This is why it is important to rely on professional craftsmanship and experience to help you make choices and selections for your new kitchen design that will add value to your home. You need to take all of this into consideration when making plans for your new kitchen island or any other brand new cupboards, cabinets and pantry areas within your home.

Step Four: How Tall Should It Be?
Once again, we go back to the first step where you considered what you wanted with regard to your new kitchen island to answer this question. If you will be using your kitchen island as an eating area, you will want it to be at a comfortable height for sitting and eating. If you will be using your kitchen island as a food preparation area, think about the type of food you will be preparing. Do you want a higher countertop that will match the height of the rest of your kitchen or do you want something a little lower to make it easier for kneading bread dough or decorating cookies? Most of the standard kitchen islands available come in heights of 36 inches or 42 inches. Some choose to do a 36 inch counter height with a 42 inch bar area at the back of the kitchen island. Discuss your ideas and preferences with your kitchen and bathroom remodeling designer before you purchase brand new South Coast kitchen cabinets or a kitchen island for your home.

Step Five: What Style Do You Want?
There are a couple of different schools of thought with regard to kitchen design in Fall River. Some homeowners choose to use a kitchen island that matches their brand new kitchen cabinets and cupboards, while others choose a different design, style or even color as an accent piece within the overall kitchen design. Speak with an expert at Paul’s Quality Kitchen for some ideas on what will look the best, provide you with the results you desire and help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

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