Choosing the Right Floor Plan: Bathroom Design in Fall River

Choosing the Right Floor Plan: Bathroom Design in Fall River

Bathroom RemodelAre you ready to have your mind blown? Did you know that when you remodel your bathroom it is possible to change around the floor plan? While not as easy as moving furniture in your living room or bedroom, it is possible to make improvements to the layout or floor plan of your bathroom. This will require the use of contractors, such as plumbers and electricians, but many homes have horrible layouts that can be greatly improved by just a few small changes.

As you look at your options for Fall River kitchens and bathrooms, it is important to visit a local showroom with all of the features, custom bathroom cabinets and vanities that can help you make an informed selection. At Paul’s Quality Kitchens, our Fall River showroom features many examples of our beautiful bathroom design collections in addition to kitchen cabinets. Our team can help you to choose the best materials to create a beautiful bathroom, as well as assist in updating or re-arranging the floor plan too.

Maximizing Potential
If you are thinking about changing the layout for your bathroom as part of your remodeling project, make sure that your new ideas will help to maximize the potential space and usefulness of the room. Some bathrooms are just plain awkward, with doors too close to fixtures and things that open up inconveniently for storage. Even if you have a small space, it is possible to make changes that will help you to use that space even better.

Working with a professional will help you to avoid design regulation issues. For example, in Massachusetts there are restrictions on the amount of space needed for doors to open and close, as well as location spacing for sinks and toilets. Choose a designer and contractor that has a lot of experience working with custom bathroom cabinets and bathroom design in Fall River for best results.

Get Professional Help
If you will be moving anything in your bathroom floor plan, make sure to work with a licensed, certified and insured plumber and electrician. Because water is used in a bathroom, you want to make sure there aren’t any issues between the water and the electrical. Did you know that metal pipes conduct electricity? This is why the plumbing system must be grounded properly to avoid shock. There are a lot of things that amateur DIY folks just don’t know, so you are much better off hiring a professional to take care of these changes for you.

If a new connection needs to be made to your home’s main drain or “soil stack” for the toilet, you will definitely want to work with a pro who can take care or checking local regulations regarding these types of connections. A professional will contact or visit the local building control office to make sure they are working within the requirements of the local law. Changing out a toilet or getting a new sink and putting them in the same spot won’t require all of these extra services, but if there are problems with the original connections, there might still be some issues when everything is removed.

Choosing a Layout
It is important to think about ease of use when choosing a layout or floor plan for your bathroom design in Fall River. From selecting custom bathroom cabinets and vanities from our Fall River showroom, to deciding where the sink, toilet and shower should all be located, there can be a lot involved in this type of project. However, if you know what you want to include and what you want to be changed about the current design, it will help make things go even easier when you work with the professional designer.

Custom bathrooms can have a lot of different features outside the basic sink, toilet and shower. A bathtub or whirlpool tub can be included, as well as a separate shower, second sink, built-in custom bathroom cabinets, vanity area, a bidet and lots of other options should be considered, if you have the space. Work with your local designer at Paul’s Quality Kitchens for the best bathroom design in Fall River. We can help you get all of the elements you desire, while ensuring that your Fall River kitchens and bathrooms look and perform as they should.

Contact Paul’s Quality Kitchens in Fall River
If you are thinking about changing or upgrading your bathroom design in Fall River, look no further than Paul’s Quality Kitchens. We have over 25 years of experience providing top quality Fall River kitchens and bathrooms to clients throughout the South Coast region. Our team can help you to choose the best options for your home. Give us a call at 508-324-9464 and ask about getting a FREE in-home evaluation or just stop by our Fall River showroom located on Pelham Street.

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